The year I was born, Jimmy Carter was the US president and
snow fell in the Sahara Desert for 30 minutes.

I have been writing since I could hold a crayon.
These days I'm more of a galactic journalist 😉
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I believe in magic, fairytales, ancient codes, Taoist sex, gypsies, meditation, superconsciousness and infinity.

I have worked for both corporate and angelic management teams.

I've been through emotional and physical hell -- and back. The soul lessons I mastered through that journey have enabled me to help thousands of people to consciously shift their internal 'blocks'.

I see through bullshit. I swear. I drive too fast.

I am a practising pagan who follows the Wheel of the Year.

I fuel my energy with hip hop.

My religion is Nature and the Universal Law of Truth.

I like Ashtanga yoga, oil-blending and chai-pulling.

I don't believe in body image, societal labels, genders or denominations
– only equal souls.

My life purpose is to facilitate emotional and spiritual shifts in people.

Who I am doesn't matter. Be your own guru.

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