Rebecca began her career working as a national print journalist for a decade, before branching into radio and podcasting. She formerly co-hosted the ACRA award-nominated Soul Sistas national radio show and the global Love-Life podcast, before launching her own Soul Doctor Show in 2016, which has been downloaded more than 170,000 times worldwide.

Since 2005 Rebecca has also worked in private practice as a psychic consultant and channel for higher wisdom. She is a historical fiction writer, practising pagan and a modern-day priestess in spiritual service to community. You can find more of her knowledge in these areas in her newsletter and private Facebook community.

"In my mid-30s I experienced a harrowing Dark Night of the Soul initiation which, in turn, has enabled me to help thousands of people to consciously shift their internal 'blocks'. I  believe in superconsciousness, infinity, archetypes and the equal sacredness of all souls. Instead of dogma, I support Truth and Meaning that is individually arrived at within each person's private experience. Who I am doesn't matter. Be your own guru.” - Rebecca