I don't wish to nauseate anyone, but my life is humming with beautiful energy right now. I feel clear and on purpose with my career. I've made significant inroads into sorting out my money. I'm in a harmonious, caring relationship. I am a patient and present mother. I love where I live. I wake up in the morning and look forward to my days, because they are peaceful, purposeful and fulfilling.

Before you throw your phone across the room in disgust, let me paint you a picture of my life less than five years ago: I was exhausted and empty. I wasn't eating enough. I had zero support. I was a victim of abuse. I was broke. I was terrified of speaking up. I let other people dictate my life to me. I didn't know my own power.

To become the woman I am today, I had to do all the things that are hard, scary and disciplined. I had to say NO to people and situations I felt imprisoned by. I had to push through paralysing fear (LOTS of times). I challenged my self-worth and beliefs using kinesiologists, hypnotherapists, psychology texts, reiki practitioners, meditation and flower essences. I set boundaries. I honoured my heart and did exactly what I wanted - without feeling selfish, guilty or apologetic.

I've been a psychic-emotional counsellor since 2005 and a mother since 2008, but it wasn't until I walked through my own dark night of the soul that I truly left 'maidenhood' and entered responsible, conscious, evolved adult womanhood about 18months ago. Maidens are traditionally young females, but our society is full of 40-, 50-, even 75-year-old maidens -- women who never grew up. Women who don't know how to speak their mind with strength and grace. Women who still expect their friends, family, husband or religion to 'save' them. Women who hide from confrontation, women who are people-pleasers, women who don't know who they truly are, deep down inside.

It is for these 'maidens' in society (many of whom are my clients) -- and for the maiden I used to be -- that I have developed my Complete Woman online course. Becoming a whole, complete, balanced, spiritual adult is much harder than it sounds. I talk more about this in the video I released last week (watch it here), and also the six main areas of a woman's life that need 'upgrading' in order to graduate from maidenhood to adulthood -- no matter what age you are.

I was also recently given the opportunity to explore these concepts in depth in a webinar hosted by JodieBenveniste.com. I felt that such a wealth of information was covered during that private hosting that I requested Jodie's permission to make the hour-long recording publicly available to all of you. You can now hear it featured in my 'Soul Disconnection' podcast (below). Want to know more about how to clean up your life -- the way I did? How to gain (permanent) happiness, fulfillment and freedom? The Complete Woman course is waiting for you. Here's to empowerment!