Almost ten years ago I went along to a woman's house one evening. She was holding a gathering of lovely and inspiring Adelaide healers. Amongst this crowd, however, was a man I'll call Howard.

Howard's ego decided he wasn't feeling nearly special enough in this setting (surrounded by a crowd of proficient and likeable healers). Howard decided that everyone had to form a circle of chairs around him, because (drum roll):
~ Howard Was Going To Speak. ~

Straight away I didn't like Howard.

Howard proceeded to enlighten us with bad news. All those angels, spirit guides and ascended masters we've been chatting to? They're all secretly devils in disguise. We've been conned. The 'New Age' is actually a 'New Cage' designed to entrap us via the illusion of 'false' Light. (This article is full of similar alarmist theory: "The “good” souls would seek out the (false) light team, and the “bad” souls would seek out the dark team, but unknown to most of those souls, they are all serving the same system.") ...aka WE'RE ALL ENERGETICALLY ENSLAVED TO THE BADDIES. BOOM! And you didn't even know it, bro!!! We got PUNK'D, yo!

This thought pattern is a specific conspiracy theory which exists within the spiritual movement. "Don't trust channelled beings claiming to be from the white light!" "So-called 'ascended masters' never had a human incarnation and are trying to gain your blind worship for evil intentions!"

Sigh. Eye roll.

I know the article referenced above was written in 2013 but this shit hasn't gone away. Just last week I saw another passionate post on Instagram. It read: "This whole 'New Age' movement is a multidimensional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the "believers" of these teachings up to the "ascended" teachers and one of the false-light teachings that infects the New (c)Age movement is that there is no such thing as right and wrong, that everything is just an "experience" that is there to teach us a lesson [...] I don't work with "angels" or "ascended masters". I stick with the Earth, Sun, Moon, Galactic Core, Universal Prime Creator and Infinite Sources as my main connection points."


You might be quietly thrilled to know that I stood up to Howard that night back in 2007. I was the only person in attendance who did. We underwent a charged debate. (Afterwards, I was disowned by the hostess of the party, who never spoke to me again.) I was too green and spiritually inarticulate back then to make the smackdown point I would have now, but here it is (never too late):

Truth is not known. It is felt. If you 'talk' to an 'angel'/human/alien/goddess, it is either going to feel enLIGHTening or discordant. Feels amazing and resonates with your personal core Truth vibration? Great. Enjoy. Feels out of alignment or slightly off? Hang up the phone.

After 13 years of channelling, I never met an ascended master I couldn't trust. A spirit guide has NEVER led me astray and an angel has never fucked me over. Neither has my heart, for that matter. When you follow your heart, things turn out awesomely 110% of the time. It's a proven Universal Law. And who's to say that angels, goddesses, higher vibrational aliens etc and our own Heart/Truth/Higher Selves aren't all the same bloody thing in the first place?!

All of this aside, I do often think the best source of wisdom available to you is your very own inner self. You don't always need external validation from angels, guides, ancestors, fairies etc -- how about simply connecting with your Higher Self? Or even a vision of a more advanced, empowered version of You in 10 years time? What advise does s/he have for you?

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