Inner You


Are you a Westerner? Do you hate meditation?*

(*Try it but fall asleep / never get around to it / know you 'should' be doing it more / aren't sure where to start / can't switch your brain off / would love a kick up the butt to start a more regular, achievable practice?)

In my experience, people pay me to “be psychic for them” because they want to 1) feel better and 2) get answers. And, sure – life has a habit of leaving us feeling confused, tired, empty, emotional, overwhelmed, stuck or crappy! And yet... did you know that within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself?

This 'Meditation + Me Time' package is designed to hold your hand through the gentle process of quietening your mind and reconnecting with your personal Truth. All you need is a quiet place and ten minutes to remember that 1) Your soul naturally feels GREAT and 2) The answers are within you!

Rebecca's 'Meditation + Me Time' package contains an exclusive (secret!) Soul Doctor Show episode offering lots of alternate solutions for people who can't sit still... as well as exploring mindfulness, pranayama breathwork, moving and open-eye meditations, Aboriginal 'Dadirri' practice and MUCH more.

PLUS you'll receive five meditations of different lengths, combining a range of traditions – Zen, Yogic, Tantric, Hindu, Sanskrit, New Age, Chinese, Maitri and Tibetan Buddhism – offering you the opportunity to experience different relaxation techniques and ultimately see what works best for you:

5min Daily Quickie (...or 10mins, if you'd like to stay quietly breathing and listening to the music once the guided segment has ended!)

Soul Reconnection (open-eye guided meditation, followed by 2min silence marked with gongs)

Deep Body Relaxation (self-massage + chakra clearing)

Quiet Focused Mind (mindfulness, Now Moment, breathing exercises + visualisations)

Sacred Temple (mantras, mudras, koans)

+ Soul Doctor podcast: Meditation Matters (a secret episode that will never be released to the general public!)

$77 SPECIAL $44

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