When I first started out as a psychic in 2005, I had business cards made that read 'Lightworker'. Fast-forward to 2017 and the word has become as vibrationally out-of-fashion and ill-fitting as my 2005 pirate-style cargo pants. Why will I never use this word ever again?*

Firstly because the universe is all about non-duality and Oneness, not lopsided labels. Acknowledging the Dark is JUST as important as hanging out in the Light – in fact, it's imperative in all healing work. (See: Shadowsides.)

Secondly, because as you grow spiritually, you outgrow the need to identify/classify yourself. When I see 'About Me' blurbs that read 'Starseed-Gypsy-Indigo-Queer-Vegan-Homebirther-Apolitical-DolphinLoving-ReikiMaster-Acupuncturist!' I think, Fuck... you sound confused. Aren't we all just white light?!

Thirdly because only EVERRR focussing on rainbows, light, unicorns, angel cards, self-love (yay!), body positivity (you GO girlfriend!) and the best Instagram filter EVERRR for your #acaismoothiebowl is a form of spiritual bypassing. Honesty, truth, chaos, anger, pain and darkness are just as powerful, and sometimes more necessary, to explore on the path to enLIGHTenment. No one gets a sunshiny short-cut.

“I say this as a mental health practitioner: I have NEVER met a mentally and emotionally stable Lightworker. Not one. Never in 15 years on this job. If this fact offends you, GREAT. That 'offence' is your Shadow screaming at you that there's something for you to look at. The very label 'Lightworker' is an aspirational one, it is attractive to damaged people who want to be seen for their light and not their dark. But those who actually dealt with their dark never call themselves Lightworkers - because by the time they are there, they are no longer “there” [...] What sets real masters apart is that they faced their shit and moved behind the duality of Light and Dark. Beware the Lightworker, that's all I'm saying.” - Simon Rose

Lately I've been thinking it's probably not such a bad thing to walk in the twilight

HOWEVER - here's a beautiful take on the topic. Amy Oscar says that whenever she asks her clients about joy, or connection, or love, they come back with stories of misery, rejection and heartbreak. She eventually decided: “A Lightworker’s ‘job’ is not floating on a cloud of positive affirmations tossing glitter and rainbows into the world. A Lightworker’s job is to hold the space for light – no matter what. To accomplish this, I had my own darkness to integrate.”


* This is the part where the smarty-pants say, 'But you used that word in Episodes 7843 and 9876...'

"Has anyone ever noticed how people only love the ocean when the sun is out? Once darkness settles, breeze kicks in, and sharks come out to play - no one wants to swim among it’s waves. And I hope I have never made someone feel like that… As if they’re only admirable in light. As if their darkness wasn’t worth exploring. Because it’s when the sun sets that I sit on the shore, and stare at the ocean in awe.” - a.p.