Anyone who made it through all three Fifty Shades of Grey novels (ahem) will remember that the most annoying part of the entire trilogy was not the problems of disempowerment, consent vs abuse, the author's insufficient grasp of S&M etc -- it was the repeated use of the phrase 'inner goddess'. Clearly, we all love the concept of a goddess. But too much of anything becomes a little sickening, and the words 'inner goddess' appeared across the three books a total of 117 times! Not dissimilarly, in today's society, 'goddess' has become a suuuper trendy, overused word. Every woman is a goddess. Every beauty oil, crystal and lingerie set is for your 'goddess self'. Goddesses are arising, awakening, blossoming and coming to an Instagram account near you. Oh, and you can 'become' one in a two-hour workshop -- most weekends, most places around the world.

Closely following the Goddess movement is the Queen movement and the Priestesses. To be fair, all are words that many Neo Age women are using to reclaim their Divine Feminine selves. To take back their grace and power, to politically/socially get feminist points across, and to reclaim womanhood -- not as a 1950s concept, but more as a sacred, spiritual Shakti-type energy. Yin. Moon. Wholistic or Complete.

This is where my Complete Woman course comes in. As a marketing concept, 'Complete Woman' might not sound as elegant or alluring as the promise of transforming yourself into a 'goddess'. But it's certainly more practical, relatable and day-to-day relevant for the average suburban mum or hard-working woman out there who is trying to achieve spiritual calmness on the inside and more graceful control on the outside. I've had a really eye-opening year travelling Australia and speaking to women in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane about what the term 'Complete Woman' means, what a Complete Woman actually looks like in real life and -- most importantly -- how to become her. (Hint: It's by showing up with self-responsible conscious awareness in six main areas of your life. I show you how.)

This is advice that is designed to change lives, communities and indeed the world.