So I got out the hat, gloves and champagne last Saturday night, for although I'm a staunch Republican who doesn't believe for one moment that the Brits should have to use taxpayers' money to fund one of the most pompous, backward families on earth... oh, fuck, I do love the Royals! I put this down to multiple English past lives where I really enjoyed the 'properness' of everything, darling! But this week's event held more than just royal pomp and pageantry -- it contained emotions, energies and social breakthroughs that made Harry-and-Meghan's-nuptials a very subversive, 'Fifth Dimensional' royal wedding.

Let's begin by looking at all the modern influences and 'firsts': we have Meghan as the outspoken biracial bride; her yoga instructor mum sporting a nose piercing; we have a black preacher opining social justice, and a black choir singing a gospel version of "Stand by Me"; we have Meghan walking herself solo partway down the aisle, and no 'honour and obey' in the vows; and we have the newlyweds arriving at the reception in a converted electric Jaguar (so environmental!) With all of this, I feel sure, Diana would have been thrilled. (Her presence was definitely heavy in St George's Chapel during the ceremony, no?)

While Prince Harry's former two girlfriends ultimately broke up with him because they couldn't handle the media limelight that came with his prestigious office, Meghan is a very different matter. She has stepped into her paparazzi-hunted position with enviable dignity and control. In a past-life back-flash, I can see at least one of Meghan's lifetimes in which she was an older man in a position of authority, dealing with business affairs, foreign interests, delegates and powerful relationships. It's no wonder that in this lifetime, she amassed her own $5 million fortune and set up a string of charities before she even met a Royal -- and has now gracefully assumed position as Duchess of Sussex with seemingly plenty of ease.

While the older, stuffier royals smirked, pulled faces and carried on like spoiled children, the person in the room who held the single-most dignity, grace and composure was Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland. She was stunning to look at; I thought to myself, WOW! There is some serious energy going on here. This woman looks like she was born to be mother-of-the-bride at a royal wedding. And then it hit me: She was. In a flash, I saw her past life and soul contract as well: In a former lifetime, Doria was a significant royal who was kept away from attending a coronation by spiteful, competing family members. She was so enraged by the injustice of missing an experience that should have been rightfully hers to attend, she needed the scales of karmic justice rebalanced. Last weekend, they finally were: she took her rightful front-row place at an internationally important royal occasion, and thoroughly embodied and integrated every moment of it.

Marriage symbolises many ancient and spiritual 'keys', which was why paganism and folklore has always observed the 'Marriage' of the Lord and Lady of the Greenwood (the God/Sun to the Goddess/Moon), such as in the annual May Day fertility festival. Physical, external marriage between the masculine and feminine also reminds us that ultimately, we must strive to 'wed' the divine masculine and feminine within our internal selves. I know there are loads of killjoys out there saying 'Who cares about a royal wedding?', boycotting or deriding anything to do with it. But when our daily reality is a constant bombardment of school shootings, refugee crises, environmental destruction and demoralising news, we need to celebrate love – we are literally starving for it.

There is nothing embarrassing or soppy about Hollywood happy endings or fairy tale “happily ever afters” - they are divine representations of True Love. My mother went through boxes of tissues while watching the wedding – not because she 'knows' the bride and groom personally, but because of the vibration they emitted. Unlike his cold relations, Prince Harry glows with the same passionate, cheeky warmth and realness as his late mother. There is genuine love and chemistry between him and Meghan, and after twenty years of being raised by a distant father and army life, he is craving the affection of a woman who offers the same Cancerian-style nurturing he received from Diana. This is a beautiful romantic healing energy not only for us to admire from afar, but to remember to cultivate within our own lives.