I've been fascinated lately by the concept of 'spiritual bypassing'. (I know I've included a dense, text-heavy image here, but if you take the time to read it, you'll know exactly what this means.)

There's also an "anti-Personal Development" backlash amongst people who are tired of the Anthony Robbins fist-pumping 'edutainment'-type motivational healing approach.

I can think of at least one extreme case of this -- a friend's husband who has been attending (and teaching) spiritual retreats / gurus / seminars globally for ten years and yet maintains an indescribably un-self-aware, self-righteous, masquerading personality. In other words, he's all intellect and deflection without internalising any of the true deeper fear-facing work.

One of the greatest myths we're collectively entertaining right now is that 'Spirituality equals happiness'. It doesn't. Well, I mean, it CAN. But so can many other completely worldly, physical pursuits which have nothing to do with "being higher vibrational and keeping your frequencies clean and unhooked" etc. etc. [insert mystical jargon here... e.g. https://youtu.be/fhsxz-qP8b4].

There's also a tendency for:
1. Ungrounded, simplistic wishful thinking [aka The Secret: "Just manifest it!"]
2. Superficial healing techniques [energy healing for subconscious trauma, 'cancelling' emotions, endless talk therapy]
3. Avoidance [the desire to short-cut life's challenges by speeding to the Divine, in which 'The return to Creator' is a hierarchical race, complete with winners and losers].

In addition, many New Age teachings would have us believe that "[negative] feelings" and "Ego" are "bad" and should be healed or fixed. Eckhart Tolle has made a fortune by making us all feel inadequate through his flawed and impossible premise that the Ego is the enemy.

Here's the point: don't numb out fears and 'bad' feelings -- accept them. "Yucky life experiences" are crucial and should not be rushed out of, pushed away or viewed as terrible, 'out-of-alignment' failures. You are perfect exactly as you are. You cannot shift emotional blocks/trauma with your mind, or by having an eagle feather waved over you. You must feel in order to heal.

"You are not responsible for what and who you attract. You're responsible for what you entertain and judge."