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Know your purpose. Empower your life. Meet your soul.

The average woman who walks into my consulting room is probably a lot like you. She's a wife, a sister, a daughter, a good friend. She has a busy job and family/social commitments. She tries to squeeze in some exercise. She worries about plenty of things she can't control. She's interested in spirituality, but wishes she had more time for it... In fact, she never has enough time for LOTS of things her heart would really like to do. Certain areas of her life frustrate her – she can't quite seem to move beyond them. To empower and believe in herself more. To experience more fulfilment, happiness and excitement on a daily basis. The average woman has an inkling about what she probably should START doing, or do MORE OF... but nevertheless, things don't seem to shift. Life doesn't really change. On paper, everything is technically 'fine'... and yet... some kind of deep, profound fulfilment is missing inside her.

Do you feel...
- like there's never enough time for you?
- like you procrastinate or sabotage the things you 'should' be doing?
- afraid to say no, confront people or lay down boundaries?
- dissatisfied, needy, unfulfilled or lonely in relationships?
- disempowered around certain friends, colleagues or family members?
- stressed and/or guilty about your relationship with your body?
- frustrated about how to find, start or succeed at your life purpose?
- worried about money and/or blocked around abundance?
- nervous about expressing vulnerability?
- deep down, you might not be worthy, loveable, acceptable or
good enough?

There is #1 universal symptom that ALL WOMEN experience: disconnection from their own soul. When we don't know who we are – deep down inside – then we're unable to 100% honour our true worth. This affects our daily lives with feelings of stress, anxiety, avoidance, dread, frustration, sadness, loneliness, guilt and resentment.

'Emotional blocks' begin to show up in all kinds of places: our friendships, our finances, our sex lives, our eating/exercising, our jobs, our marriages... our simple inability to say NO or carve out some 'Me Time' without feeling guilty or selfish.

THE COMPLETE WOMAN recognises there are six key areas in life to becoming the deep, soulful, powerful, abundant, spiritual woman you want to be:


THE COMPLETE WOMAN is an online course you can begin anytime, complete in any order, and do at your own pace. Each of the six modules addresses the common fears, wounds and blocks we collected in childhood, addresses how they impact our adult lives... and assists you in breaking free to reclaim your most powerful, evolved, authentic self. The course covers (and much more):

- soul connection, meditation & the Now Moment
- childhood trauma, parent wounds & inner child work
- frenemies, people-pleasing & boundary-setting
- triggers & addictions
- unlocking and healing your subconscious
- shadowsides & mirrorwork
- love languages
- passive-aggression, bullies & toxic people
- confrontation vs. vulnerability
- truth-speaking & healthy communication skills
- body image & sacred menstruation
- intuition, seasons, moons & rituals
- limiting money beliefs
- soulful business & the 'wounded healer'
- how to conduct higher vibrational relationships
- Alpha-Beta / Masculine-Feminine
- twin flames & tantric sex

Upon completion of this course, you will:
- be able to identify, name and 'clear' emotional blocks hiding within
your body
- overcome procrastination and self-sabotage
- know who you are, accept yourself and love yourself – at a deeper
soul level
- put yourself first (without guilt and apology!)
- know your life purpose – and why you're doing it
- make strong, healthy, consistent choices
- unlock your creativity and motivation
- have high standards around how you treat yourself – and allow
yourself to be treated
- raise your conscious awareness
- practice regular meditation and spiritual sex
- make time for tranquil, relaxing, spiritual- and nature-based rituals
- know your own power and feel comfortable exerting it
- know your own vulnerability and feel comfortable sharing it
- overcome limiting money beliefs and behaviours
- feel deeply content, soul-fulfilled and FREE!

Accumulating her knowledge and findings from ten years of spiritual-emotional counselling, Rebecca has designed THE COMPLETE WOMAN as the ultimate resource library to provide everything a woman needs to empower, uplift, and free herself permanently.
The course contains:

- 6x audio lectures
- 6x comprehensive worksheets
- 12x meditations
- Emotional Freedom Technique video
- Private chat room / support forum for past and present participants
- 1x coaching call with Rebecca

"I have to say the Complete Woman Course is OFF DA HOOK!! So much juicy content. I purchased the course yesterday.. thought I'd have a little listen and a play around with one of the worksheets while on night shift tonight.. HOLY GUACAMOLE! I had to pack it up and save if for knock-off time. So many ah-ha moments, so many little connections to behavioral traits, many "Ohhh that's why I do that!" thoughts had just in the first module. Thinking about pulling a sickie tomorrow to just sit in my own space and absorb. I can only vouch for my experience so far, but I highly recommend this to the rest of you.. if you want to gift yourself anything this year... make it this course! No seriously... Do it... Seriously...!!"
- Amy, SA

"I was going to skip the Self-Worth section for the moment because I thought that I have done a lot of work on myself recently, so you know, I could come back to it later -- if I need it!! But I took Rebecca's advice to do it first. I had my journal and the worksheet and I did it all... My god it's brilliant... I was a mess and had so many revelations. Rebecca you have such a gift! I really responded to the meditation also. You really took me deep... difficult for me to do sometimes with guided meditations."
- Kaye, VIC

"I just clearly saw how my inner child presents itself in my adult life. That's a HUGE piece of the puzzle that just snapped into place! Thank-you for giving me the tools to delve within."
- Jessica, QLD

Are you ready to embrace the courage, self-belief and worthiness that is your birthright?

Are you ready to meet your own Soul? (If you have read this far, you ARE ready!!)

THE COMPLETE WOMAN inside you awaits.
Unleash her now!

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