It's school holidays which means in the past couple of weeks I've found myself doing everything from kids' coding at Hybrid World to sushi-making at the library to jumping on giant foam-sprayed blow-up castles. But the activity that had the most impact on me? A simple 60 minute session which involved crawling inside a giant inflated pitch-black dome with a bunch of squawking kids, inside which all the constellations of the night sky were projected on the spherical ceiling. Our guide was an extreeeeemely scientific sceptic astronomer ("Astrology isn't true and doesn't exist", he said more than once, while proceeding to tell us all about Dreamtime, Sumerian and Ancient Greek star legends... apparently those are OK, but astrology isn't?!?!) However, he taught me something I never knew before: there is no such thing as 'cold'.

"We say that things are 'cold' -- even icy -- but 'cold' does not actually exist," he explained. "What we are referring to is the absence of heat and light. The temperature of an object is the measure of the heat energy that it contains." And suddenly I started having revelations all over the place. I remembered the concept that there is no such thing as darkness; there is only light or lack of light. And OF COURSE, all of this is an amazing metaphor for spirituality. Transpose the word 'cold' or 'dark' with 'evil' and we have a very reassuring framework for viewing the seemingly random horrors of the world: There is no such thing as 'evil' -- there is only varying degrees of an absence of Love (heat, light).

If you want to warm something up, you place it in the sunlight. If you want to banish darkness, you light a candle. And if you want to escape evil behaviours, negative thoughts, heavy stuck energy? Simply add in a few more teaspoonfuls of love. This could mean something as simple as speaking as kindly to yourself inside your head as you'd speak to a toddler or puppy. How and where can you add more love-light-warmth to your energy system?