This week, a special two part show: how can we better understand the mysterious flow of internal prana AND external chi? The answer: two 5000 year old Eastern energy practices, Ayurveda and Feng Shui. From Ayurveda's shirodhara, panchakarma, gunas, doshas and rishis to Feng Shui's Flying Stars and Lo Shu Squares, yin-yang balancing, five elements and three lucks, this episode is full of fascinating tidbits to enhance your health, home, cooking, relationships, money and more.

SHOW NOTES (guests, in order):
Tobias Kelly
Jordanna Levin
Ulyana Michailov
Dr Manjot Garcha
Tim Hopkins
Tobias Kelly
Scott Jeffrey
Rosemary Scherro
Jenny Blume
Nikki Arnold
Lyn Busuttil