This week, the news has been covered with hateful images of white supremacists holding flaming torches in Charlottesville, Virginia, resulting in one death, a black man being beaten with poles, furious counter-rallies by anti-racism protesters, and some unclear warblings from President Trump. And the entire brouhaha has got me thinking about two things.

1. Donald Trump is the greatest spiritual teacher of our time. It is his job to hold up a mirror to America, and the rest of us, to reveal our collective societal shadowsides. Wherever and whenever he directs his lower vibrational energy – or fails to even show up at all – it opens an opportunity for the rest of us to respond with greater clarity, passion and action. President Trump throws a heap of mud? We're inspired to create/build/grow/choose new lotuses. Mud ---> lotus. Mud---> lotus. Mud ---> lotus. Just look at this magnificent garden we've started growing!

Strengthened by the 'support' of Trump, of course, there is other mud being slung around -- the anti-gay-and-transgender movement have rattled fences. The anti-feminist and anti-welfare voices have howled. The anti-global-warming-environmentalists have viciously emerged. And this week, the white nationalists are getting their turn in the media limelight. Here, of course, lies many more opportunities for the rest of us to plant even more lotus gardens. Which leads me to my next point.

2. It's so easy to scroll through our phones, pointing the finger at skinheads shouting fascist slogans. As conscious, spiritual citizens, we are appalled. "Look at them," we judge (because a bunch of neo-Nazis are such an easy visual target for condemnation). "I am nothing like that." "They are worlds apart from my view of reality." Well -- maybe they're not.

On Monday I went to my kinesiologist for a regular session (those who follow my podcasts/Facebook page know all about my iceberg theory of healing – which is exactly what I had booked the appointment for). Completely unexpectedly, some very ugly emotions showed up. Emotions I presumed were non-existent inside my enlightened self (HA!). Self-righteousness and resentment came out. Prejudice was in there. Tons of ego. Verbal abuse and even a dash of hatred. I was AMAZED. After many years of clearing myself emotionally from the inside out, I had no idea these violent feelings were completely hidden in my subconscious. I cried copious amounts of tears. (And walked out feeling sensational afterwards.)

Driving home, I was stunned that the exact same qualities being physically demonstrated over in Charlottesville by a raving bunch of KKKs were the identical emotions hidden inside me. ME! I meditate! I do yoga! I love humankind! I'm not judgemental! How could this be? The only difference between the racists and myself was that their abusive energy was directed towards other people. My abusive energy was directed toward myself.

I would like to suggest that the greatest abuse, hatred, prejudice, separation, disconnection and misunderstanding occurs not so much in the world 'out there', but within our very own hearts -- often on a daily (and deeply subconscious) basis. This confronting (and enormously freeing) method of Shadowwork is one of the core themes I have explored in my Complete Woman online course). 

It would be wonderful to have you on board -- and join in this very important conversation of taking deep soul responsibility for our lives. For if we don't evolve, how can we ever expect a bunch of angry skinheads to miraculously do it?