I don't think what's featured in this Today Show article is "incredible" at all. I think it's appalling. And I definitely wouldn't worship this woman as some kind of hero. I think the idea of a woman working while simultaneously trying to surrender to the birthing process indicates the abysmal failure of our entire system. What's wrong with this picture?

1) Our flawed education system: Teachers who are so overworked, undervalued and unsupported, they're still working (unpaid) when they're away from their students.

2) An army of shitty doctors, ob-gyns, midwives and family members who let this woman think that performing a professional job while IN LABOUR IS ACCEPTABLE (she DID have a substitute teacher after all?!)

3) The desperate cry for the Return of the Divine Feminine in our society -- and its sacredness concerning all things restful, slow, relaxing and still. Remember: do-do-do, go-go-go, build-build-build, busy-busy-busy are values that we have inherited from the masculine way of being. Those qualities are revered by patriarchal society -- they are not Feminine. And they are certainly NOT appropriate in the midst of a deeply intuitive female Rite of Passage.

I've never met this poor woman but I bet I could sum her up in one character description: She's a people pleaser. She puts other people first -- always -- and has done so her entire life. Whenever she attempts to prioritise herself, she feels lazy, guilty or selfish -- beliefs she subconsciously learnt from her own mother. She's a control freak. (She can't stop working, because she can't bear to let anyone down in case they form a low opinion of her.) She's terrified of failure, because deep down, her self-worth is extremely low. This means she's only comfortable when she's 'being a giver' and keeping everyone else happy. She feels 'wrong' asking for help, or insisting on Me Time. She's out of balance. She often feels tired, drained, emotional and overwhelmed. (Gawd, wait until her newborn baby enters the mix and intensifies these soul lessons even more...)

If [even some of] this sounds like you, you're not alone. I just spent 25 minutes this morning talking to one of the teachers at my daughter's primary school. It was an inpromptu conversation. She was nearly in tears. The pressures she feels in her life are identical to the ones I just described above. And she couldn't believe it when I told her she's not alone -- most of my clients fit this description. The soul disconnection we're experiencing as women right now is hitting all-time crisis point, and that's EXACTLY why I developed my Complete Woman online course... because the problems are far-reaching into all areas of our lives, they're caused by decades-old programs we all inherited from our childhoods, and because fixing them requires serious self-discipline and self-work. But don't feel overwhelmed. It IS possible to achieve long-lasting freedom, happiness and fulfillment. All the tools and answers are here, and once purchased, remain available to you for a lifetime.