What is an 'emotional block?' This morning, I released a podcast episode which pretty much covers the purpose of my life's work: helping people recognise and shift their own emotional blocks. But what are they?

Emotional blocks are suppressed, unfelt emotions from traumatic past experiences. Simply put, let's say you were humiliated as an eight-year-old in front of a crowd of people. Life moved on, you grew up, you pushed the incident to the back of your mind and 'never thought about it again'. What happened when you were eight years old 'has nothing to do with my adult life now'. But if your adult life shows signs of 1) unhealthy relationships 2) body abuse (eg. over/under eating, an unhappy sex life), 3) addictions 4) health issues 5) procrastination around doing ANYTHING that might be good for you (exercising more, starting your dream business) -- then you are still being triggered and paralysed by long-held emotional blocks.

Sometimes our brains are able to figure out what our emotional blocks are (that's when we're dealing "Above the iceberg" in the diagram above). But most of the time, our weaknesses, fears, beliefs and blocks are blind spots -- they're hidden "Below the iceberg", eg. in our subconscious and/or cellular memory, originating from suppressed childhood experiences -- and even from past lives.

The reason I developed 'Iceberg theory' is this: because 90+% of my clients go about healing their emotional blocks the wrong way. A traumatic, painful emotion (eg. I was molested / my cousin bullied me / I saw somebody beaten up / I felt ignored in my childhood) that is deeply hidden CANNOT BE CLEARED by talking to a shrink, taking medication, waving some crystals around, rebalancing your chakras or saying Ommm lots of times. These are all good and important modalities in their own right, but when it comes to shifting deeply-embedded trauma, THIS KIND OF HEALING DOESN'T WORK.

The only way to clear trauma is by using the techniques (some of which are listed "Under the iceberg" in my diagram) which specifically release from subconscious and cellular levels. The best-known ones are muscle-testing, hypnotherapy and tapping. If you are struggling with feeling blocked in certain areas of your life, have a listen to this episode to gain a little more insight, and feel free to book a session with me to better identify your individual blocks/beliefs. I have an extensive list of "Under the iceberg" practitioners all over Australia, and some internationally, who I can personally refer you to, to assist your journey of understanding, release and freedom.